9-Hole Peg Test

9-Hole Peg Test:

9-Hole peg test

  • Screening Tool
  • Standardized
  • Relatively quick to administer
  • Portable
  • Assess finger dexterity and median nerve function

Nine Hole Peg Test Procedure


1.  Peg board centered in front of person.

2.  The container next to the board on the same side as hand being assessed.

3.  Dominant hand tested first (practice on dominant hand, actual test on dominant hand, actual test on non-dominant hand)

4. Stop-watch


Standardized= Must read script exactly  

“Pick up the pegs one at a time, using your right (or left) hand only, and put them into the holes in any order until the holes are filled.  Then, remove the pegs one at a time and return to the container. Stabilize the peg board with your left (or right) hand.  This is a practice test.  See how fast you can put all of the pegs in and take them out again.  Are you ready?  GO!!

“This will be the actual test.  The instructions are the same.  Work as quickly as you can.  Are you ready?  GO!  [During the test]  “Faster!”  [As soon as the last peg is in the board]  “Out again…faster!”

Get down to their level.

Within normal age-ranged norm

Screen- further screening to be done.

NORMS: nine_hole_peg_norm_article_2003

9-Hole Instructions:



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